In all of our actions certain motivation is present. Consciously or unconsciously we moved by different forces coming out of our mind, body or soul. Sometimes these three are saying us different things and we are confused and living internal conflict. Ironically soul is the most difficult to hear, when our mind and body are not in a balanced state. Soul speaks through feelings and inspires our desires, our true desires. If you stop rushing, quiet the sounds around you, you could hear and then will you listen?

Рід (Family)

In Ukrainian there is this a word Рід, the closest english words would be Tribe or Family but these last ones don”t exactly convey the deep meaning of “Рід”, which is about connection we have with our roots, with the places where we came from.

It was painted in Montreal in 2018. 12×16″, Acrylic on canvas

Learning to Fly

It is a crucial time to learn how to accept a personal responsibility for oneself. We are all called to take a stand one way or another in the face of this troubling event and if we allow ourselves to be who we really are we have no other way but to fly up high with no fear.