Tanya Omelchuk, an artist

I am a self taught Ukrainian Canadian artist. I paint free hand mostly watercolour, oil and acrylic. My main interest is portraiture, in my vision people are just like books: some of them are very interesting and the process of painting someone to me is as if I’m reading their story.

Some subjects of my paintings are people who I met, while others people I never met. For the vast majority of my paintings no reference material was used.

Exhibition History

 March 7, 2019  April 12, 2019 – G​roup Exhibition ​Inside Out ​ highlighting different perspectives on mental health related depictions in art, Plaxall Gallery, New York, Long Island city 

February 1, 2019  – ​winner of  painting competition Art Battle in New York City 

December 4 – 11, 2019  – ​Group exhibition, Pop up Fearless Artist Gallery as a part of Miami Art Basel event. 

May 5,2017 – ​Dolce Vita Vernissage, private  Graphite Publications event, Monteal

 March 11, 2017 – ​Live painting performance at Ecru II Graphite Publications event, Montreal